Sunday, February 7, 2010

Total Defence Day!

1) What is my role in Total Defence?

Answer: Military Defence? I can defend Singapore when I grow older. NS? I can overcome and go through the tough B.M.T aka Basic Military Training.

2) What resources does Singapore need in the 21st Century and how can I contribute, now and in the future?

Answer: Based on Military Defence, I think they need more army rhino or tank, weapons and army ( Human ). Now, maybe I can contribute ideas? In the future, I think I can and have the abilities to be a brave army that will defend Singapore faithfully.

Friday, January 29, 2010

挑战(2):中国四大名著 (2)



Thursday, January 28, 2010

挑战(2):中国四大名著 (1)


书写年份:? (对不起,无法找到。)




Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Math Hw

Q. Textbook: Brainworks (p8)
Q24(b) A mathematician proposed that "Every even number greater than 2 can be expressed as a sum of two prime numbers." Do you agree? Why?

Ans: Yes. A even number can be made up by 2 odd number. 1(odd number) + (odd number) = (even number) . Usually odd numbers are prime number. So, I agree! ^.^

Monday, January 11, 2010

Think-pair-share about Materials Science

Hi all! I am Lincoln Chu and my partner is Abilash.
After some discussion, we came out with our answers!

1. How do we account for the diversity of substances around us?

Ans: With the
diversity of substances around us, we could create or make more things that are useful for us to help us the work to make our lifes more comfortable.

2. How do physical and chemical changes affect the properties of a material?

Ans: Physical and chemical changes the properties of a material by melting or just even by freezing them. E.g When the acid rain comes with contact with any sculpture, it will corrode.

3. How does the structure of materials affect their properties? Get students to share their responses verbally.

For example, in a solid , atoms are packed together. A solid cannot change its shape and it cannot be compressed. In a liquid, atoms are slightly packed. A liquid takes up the shape of a container and cannot be compressed.Whereas gas has little atoms . So, gas can be compressed.


1: Admt is a topic that consist of art, design , media and technology which every student needs to 'survive' in the 21st century.

2: Must be willing to learn.

3: I would try my best to learn or do admt instead of getting distracted by some other games?

4: Quit games and concentrate?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 2 personal reflection

1: The definition of Forging Excellence is shaping/ forming a Good or wonderful attitude. Thus, I could understand that we should build up a good attitude to represent SST from our school value.

2: Group work and team spirit.

3: Hardworking and a ' Never say die spirit '.

4: Listening to others opinion, Plan before doing and cooperation.